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In the advent of a possible extinction level event by an unknown entity all personnel are ordered to retreat and regroup. You will proceed to the MFS-51 Solar System and colonize a bio rich planet named MFS-51a with characteristics similar to Earth.

Be warned the planet's atmosphere is filled with a deadly toxic gas. Very little is known about the planet other than that our initial autonomous exploration has discovered vast rich resources close to the core of the planet. This makes this planet a perfect staging point for rebuilding and allows for safety in the form of the vast cave networks dug underground during the mining excavation and exploration.

The system is home to multiple black holes and dead stars due to its close proximity to the center of the galaxy. The unique makeup of this system creates natural choke points in space due to the heavy gravitational forces surrounding the planets. Because of these forces jump drives are impossible to use. This also allows for the setup of defensible blockades in space to protect our ground colonies.

All Spaceforce will stay back and form the defensible blockades while all others including ground forces will secure the surface and underground mines of MFS-51a. Your mission will be to rebuild and only after you believe you have the advantage will you push the blockade to the planet MFS-51b. There you will find a planet filled with dense metals but intense gravity.

Survive and expand your abilities to become even stronger and move on. Once you have gathered enough strength your ultimate goal will be to retake our home Solar System from whatever threat caused our possible extinction.

Protocol 51 is a Space Engineers multiplayer and solo scenario experience with an economic and loot based progression system. Built on the idea of non-linear professions and episodic stories in which the community plays a unique role in developing.

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