Mission Statement

Misfit Studios publishes innovative games designed by gamers, for gamers. We take our developing to all platforms with a division for each platform, and create games for anyone from the hardcore gamer to the casual gamer. We strive for commitment to quality over quantity, and we will always improve our development methods to flow with the ever changing gaming industry and technological advancements. We take our gamers seriously and make sure to hear them out when it comes to fixing bug issues, listening to new ideas, and content reviews. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we.


In June of 2018, MisFit Studios was nothing but a vision rattling around in Steven Brown’s brain. During the time that he in the Army, Steven knew that he wanted to be his own boss. So with faith in his heart and an idea in his head, he reached out to three friends - and now founders -.  Seeking their experience and drive for the same exact dream he had. They each brought their own skills to the table, and soon the idea of MisFit Studios became more than just a dream, but a reality. They dove in head first, determined to set the foundation of the Misfit Studios you all know today.