• Ep-10: Digital to IRL Friendships (6/4/2019) - This week broadcasters Relentless Defender & Joshes Corner talk about how streaming together started an online friendship that converted over to working and living together now, making them IRL best friends. We also talk about what it’s like being a streamer and the responsibilities that come with it. Check them out at: Listen anywhere! iTunes: Spotify:… Read More
  • Ep-9: Building a Community (5/28/2019) - This week broadcasters Playing with Remy & Joshes Corner talk a little about what it’s like building fun things to do with your community and some of the hurdles they have faced while being streamersCheck them out at: Listen anywhere! iTunes: Trivia What classic video game did tony stark catch a member of… Read More
  • Ep-8: It Begins (5/22/2019) - This week 3 of the 4 Co-founders of MisFit Studios (Steven, Nate & Ryan) swing by to talk about the Alpha release of their mobile game Putt-Putt Pong. During the show, we showcase some live footage of the game being played and talked about the direction the game will go in and some of the future perks it will have.… Read More
  • Ep-7: Gotta Catch ‘Em All (5/14/2019) - This week Sol joins us as we learn about his Space engineers project Faction Warfare. Then discussing how modern games are as a whole lacking in comparison to games years ago. Finally wrapping it up with Detective Pikachu and what we think about Live action video game movies. Listen anywhere! iTunes: Weekly Trivia Currently how… Read More
  • Ep-6: May the 4th Be With You (5/6/2019) - This week Pigstand joins us as we talk about Star Wars. What made it great, what made it bad, the memories we have of it and how it’s impacted our lives Then we talk about the Xbox One getting a Discless version and what it means to collectors and the direction of the industry. Check Out Pigstand: Listen anywhere!… Read More
  • Ep-5: Back In the Day (4/29/2019) - This week Steven Brown joins us as we talk about Microsoft making it as a Trillion dollar business after 44 years and what a million used to mean to us back in the 90’s. Then we steer the conversation over to the things we remember growing up in the technological age of gaming, movies and gadgets.   Listen anywhere! ITunes:… Read More
  • Ep-4: MisFits Unite (4/26/2019) - This week we have Jacob “Wearsglasses” Sound Design and Skyler Gorham YouTube/Social Media of MisFit Studios. We sit down to chat about what it’s like working for a Game Development company and what got them to want to get into MisFit Studios. Then we nerd out over the past 11 years the MCU has been building up to Friday’s End… Read More
  • Ep-3: Winter has come (4/19/2019) - This week we have Nate Steen COO  and Ryan Griffeth CTO of MisFit Studios. We sit down to talk about How these two got into gaming and what they are currently doing within the company. We go on to discuss Putt-Putt Pong and Protocol 51 within the studio and wrap it all up with some Game of Throne memories and… Read More
  • Ep-2: We are the Misfits (4/8/2019) - This week we have Steven Brown CEO and Kris Lay CFO of MisFit Studios. We sit down to talk about how these two met, how the company was started and Kris's excitement for playing Kingdom Hearts series. We go on to discuss the new Snap Games feature coming to SnapChat, The Nintendo Labo VR and Fortnite's respawning system. Listen anywhere!… Read More
  • EP-1: Getting the Party Started! (4/1/2019) - This week we have Steven Brown CEO and Nate Steen COO of MisFit Studios. We sit down talk about the mass popularity of battle royale sweeping the game scene, EA’s publishing success of Apex Legends and the slippery slope of Battlefield V: Firestorm, the EA layoffs, take a peek at the Valve Index VR headset and Watch the Protocol 51… Read More