The Critically Acclaimed CAVES World a Space Engineers Mod is now available!

Nathan Steen Protocol 51 Leave a Comment

On Oct 29 of 2019 CAVES (protocol 51) World Only by MisFit Studios was released on the Steam workshop. The MisFit Studios team decided to share this world so the community could get a first hand glimpse of our progress on the development of the Protocol 51 episodic scenarios. We also wanted the community to use their creative minds to make their own experiences in the CAVES World. This spooky world was released just in time for Halloween and was featured on Xocliw’s twitch live stream (an employee of Keen the makers of Space Engineers) on Oct 31 2019. During the live stream members of the community rated the mod an average of 9 out of 10. We want to thank everyone for their feedback and reviews and we will continue our work on Protocol 51. Please stay tuned by subscribing to our YouTube, joining our Discord, or subscribing to be a MisFit Insider. We will have some new announcements very soon.

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