PuttPutt Pong – Dev Blog #1

Ryan Griffeth Putt Putt Pong

As this is the first Dev post, we suppose we should tell you in our own words what this game is all about. PuttPutt Pong is like the classic game of Beer Pong with a twist of Miniature Golf! You will work through chapters set in various places. We will start off in the garage of a house. As you progress through the levels of each chapter, you will earn stars to unlock more chapters. We are aiming for an initial release with the garage chapter and at least 20 levels of play. We’ll immediately get to working on the next chapter of the game:  “living room”, pushing these new chapters out as regular updates.

Please bear with us as our graphics are still very much being developed and our textures are only temporary. We’ve mainly focused on getting a functional alpha to show off first.


We spent the last few months really digging into our physics to ensure we have mirrored reality as close as possible. We still have a few bugs that we are working out, but all physics items are based on real-world dimensions and weights. One of the goals for PuttPutt Pong is to make the game completely playable on VR & AR devices.

Score System

We have got the framework for the Score system and storage up and going for levels! We have included multipliers for bounces and consecutive cups that will allow you to make some wild shots with HUGE multiplier!

User Interface

We have the entire team pitching in to give us feedback and critique on our User Interface. We have just completed the level completion screen which you see featured in this update! We should be shortly following it up with the in-game HUD.  Just a few more tweaks to make before we show it off, including a Left-handed mode that will allow you to reverse where some buttons are if you are left handed.


We actually have a question for you our players! What kind of power-up style balls would you like to see?

  • Heavy ball to knock over obstacles and reveal high-value cups
  • Super bouncy ball
  • Larger or smaller ball

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below. Remember to join our discord for special sneak peaks and brainstorm sessions that happen on the fly,  live on discord.