PuttPutt Pong Dev Blog #2

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Since Alpha 0.5.0 Release we have taken the time to really refine our player control and start adding persistent player profiles, leader boards, custom skins for cups and more.

Next week we will be showing off a lot of the UI That has been designed and implemented over the past few weeks. We are working on polishing off and throwing through a round of in-house testing this next week.

Player Controller

There were major issues with how the overhand vs underhand throwing was done. So to simplify this we have now made it so if your initial touch is below the halfway point of your screen you will be throwing underhanded and if you start on the top half of your screen it will be an overhanded throw. This will prevent the accidentally throwing a ball behind you in the next release.

Modeling/ Texturing

Our modeling and texturing team have been hammering away at new game assets as well as redesigning some original placeholder assets, Some are very much a work in progress but enjoy the small gallery below of the new models/textures.

Specifically the cup had a major overhaul and the entire mesh was redesigned with greater detail which will allow more accurate physics simulation.

  • Something
  • Complete detailed Chess Set added
  • 8 Variations of books and 2 book sets
  • A complete overhaul of lighting and garage. Still a WIP in progress but slowly getting closer.

Cup Skins

  • Earnable Cup Skins! More on their way!

We announced our cup skins features on memorial day weekend with cups commemorating those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Our graphics team is working on creating more skins these will be able to be earned via in-game currency by playing the game to unlock new skins for both cup and ball


Leader boards will be available in the version 0.5.1. We’ve already implemented the data side and we are moving on to the display side. Planned for Facebook integration to be able to see friends high scores but that will not be until a later version as of right now we will be using Google Play and the IOS equivalent for all player identification.


We have started the planning phase of power-up balls and our physics team will be working on making them a reality for version 0.5.1.

Planned Powerups

  • Golden Ball – 10 x points on any shot (Keep shooting it until you make a cup)
  • Bouncy Ball – Will be a heavier dense rubber bouncy ball.
  • Split Ball – On the first hit will split into 3 balls, If sank 3x points.
  • Add 10 secs – To any time level
  • Add 10 shots – To any shot based level

Thank you all for following our progress and your contiuned support. we could not have done any of this without you. As always if you have feedback Jump on our Discord and let us know!

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