Mission Statment

MiSFiT Studios crafts innovative games designed by gamers, for gamers.

Using imagination to entertain we embrace all life in hopes of creating acceptance and understanding. We strive for commitment to quality over quantity, and we will always improve our development methods to flow with the ever shifting gaming industry. Our community must be part of us for we would not exist without the support of every single person who takes the time to recognize our art. Fun must be part of all our DNA and in everything we do we must always ask the same question; Will this creation bring joy?


When dreams become realities we realize that there is no limit to what a band of Misfits can accomplish.

Driven by the pure joy of the creative process and the unending desire to act upon our imagined visions, MiSFiT Studios was created in June of 2018.

There is no one right way to begin, this band was rallied through the connection of similar interests and the need to entertain. Bringing forth their super powers, each member with their own unique abilities began working together to make something greater than they could ever create on their own. With their ideas swirling and creative juices flowing, they began toiling away crafting what is now Putt Putt Pong.

Sticking to their roots while weathering the storms they created media to entertain through Podcasts, YouTube and Twitch. Taking time to dabble in mod making all while honing their skills to build a more fun and refined game.

With faith they reached out to the people and listened, allowing them to create and influence design, all in hopes of creating a better game. Connecting with their ever growing community and strengthening their own ties with one another they strive each day to take one step closer to their ultimate final release.